For the Love of Food


Staff and Supplies


A minimum of 4 hours is required for all staff

Buffet Attendant

$20 per hour


$25 per hour

Onsite Supervisor

$35 per hour

Onsite Chef

$45 per hour


Reusable Chaffing Dish

Includes one full pan and two 2 hour sternos

$8 each

Chaffing Dish Rental

Includes metal deep pan and two 2 hour sternos


Appetizer, Salad or Dessert Tableware

Sugarcane biodegradable 6 " plates, cocktail napkins and bamboo forks

$.50 per setting

Dinner Tableware

Sugarcane biodegradable 10" plates, napkins, bamboo forks and knives

$.75 per setting

*All orders come with appropriate serving utensils upon request

Set Up Fee

5% of food purchase for drop-off orders. (set up is optional)

*There is no set up charge for events that require servers

Delivery Fee

630/331 area codes: $15

708 area code: $25

847/224 area codes: $25

 312/773/872 area codes:

Cook County and Chicago $30

Downtown/Loop $35:

Any area codes that are not listed above: 

Contact us for an estimate